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There’s a special place in my heart for microwave cuisine. And there is an even more special place in my heart for microwave treats. Sometimes I forget it does more than making leftovers pleasantly edible again!

Yesterday, my life changed when I found out about this microwave pudding through Tá Querida. I just had to give it a try right after finishing Luíza’s video and I thought she wouldn’t mind if I blogged about it.

In order to come up with this post, I had to make a new pudding today… And I realized my sweet lady mother had eaten some of the condensed milk I opened yesterday, in what’s clearly an attempt to sabotage me. I refused to open a new can of condensed milk just for this and therefore tweaked the recipe a bit, but it tastes good all the same.

microwave-pudding-2 microwave-pudding-1

Now, you should be asking yourself h o w? Well, since Luíza was so kind as to share the recipe with the Portuguese-speaking world, I’ll repay her kindness and spread even more love by translating the recipe.

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Last weekend, the ninth annual mediaeval fair of my municipality took place – do excuse that I don’t name it, but it is a rather small one. The fair goes along with it – it is small but cute and makes for a very enjoyable lazy Sunday.

I visit it whenever I can. It’s funny how it is always the same space, the same merchants, pretty much the same attractions, and yet there is always something new: last year, they extended the street where the tourney takes place as to include more places for eating, and this year they somehow squeezed in a tent with some farm animals for the kids.

There was only year I got to see the tourney at night and it was magnificent to watch the white horses jumping over fire… Yet I prefer to go during the daytime to take some shots. Considering I am not a pro, all help is welcome! Now, I’ve made a mosaic with my absolute favourite photos from yesterday and some details as well.


It must be a lot of hard work for the guys who learn the combat choreographs, the ones in charge of costumes and props, the historians that come up with a theme of our rich History to give the show a setting… But oh, it must be so enticingly romantic to live History so lively! Even the idea of travelling the country and sleeping in tents like some kind of nomadic knights-turned-circus-artists seems charming to me.

Indeed, there was one year the opportunity of dressing in full costume and participating the fair as a lesser actress presented itself to me, but alas, the fair always takes place near finals… Maybe one day.

Like I said, our fair is a rather small one. There’s entertainment, eating and drinking, and our municipality does have a medieaval History that allows the association who organizes the event to take a specific moment from it and build a celebration around it… But the main village changed a lot since the Middle Ages and it has become just one part of the municipality. It is much different from places like Óbidos, where a castle pleases both hopeless History buffs and simpler-minded folks who’re just looking for some pints and sword fights; and it gives a scenario-quality to the town, which invests a good deal or recreating a matching marketplace and other locations.

I would love to attend a bigger fair in the future and being a mighty warrior-fairy-princess one day… That is pretty much my idea of a dream date.


Last time, I talked about my experience with ebooks and how they went from monster to babe. This time, I want to write something far more practical – let’s call it a list of the advantages of ebooks and their reading devices.

I wrote it in the form of paragraphs, rather than a simple bullet list, and as if paragraph meant something completely separate, meaning you will not see much of a connection between them.

Once again, I do not intend to say you should bury your books and fully embrace their digital counterparts. All I am saying is ebooks aren’t the monster you, as a passionate reader, might be making of them.

Obviously, this list comes from my experience with my ereader, Kobo Arc 7, and as such some of the items hereby described might be slightly different for other brands or devices by Kobo. However, they should be approximate and it’s up to you compare devices, should you feel so changed after reading this post as to consider getting your own ereader.

Let’s roll!

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Have you seen those people reading digital books? Freaks, am I right? How can anyone deal with not holding an actual physical book? Not smelling its pages? Not carrying it around and hugging it as your best friend?

I used to hold a similar view. I thought ebooks were handy but somewhat deficient in the experience they provide. No digital book could replace the good old printed copy… Until I understood a very simple truth: it’s not meant to.

While ebooks seem like the future of literature, that future is still far away and not guaranteed. If that is, indeed, their fate, we just have to embrace it, pretty much the same way we accept the fact that our “good old printed books” replaced parchment, which replaced papyri and clay tablets as the big medium of writing.

Speaking of which, if you excuse me the parentheses, I shall barf if I hear someone crying over the “books and scrolls we lost with Alexandria” again. Yes, we shall never accept the tragedy of the great fire but wording that despair in such a way only reveals the ignorance of the person in question: in the context of Alexandria, scrolls and books are synonymous.

How did this epiphany come to me? I simply gave ebooks a try. And I found they were not so bad as the legends say. I did not convert to the Church of Ebookism, but I found their pros and cons. Before you grab your pitchforks and come after me, give this, the first part of two, a read.

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…and I mean it in the literal sense.

Last Sunday, I entered the Corrida Sempre Mulher, an event in support of warrior ladies who fight beast cancer. The initiative, promoted by APAMCM, happens twice a year, in April and November, with the purpose of funding appointments that come free of charge to the patients, and of getting the necessary equipment. Men, who are not ruled out of the possibility of getting breast cancer, are not at all excluded from the program nor from the Corrida.

Corrida means “race” but slow down: there is a walk starting about ten minutes after ready-set-go. In reality, only athletes, both professional and self-considered, take part in the race. It is the walk that floods Lisbon in a hot pink wave.

Like last time, I went with my mother and her co-workers. The weather seemed good enough as we reached the heart of the capital. Rain had already started to threaten our day ever since we got up before 7 AM, but none of us could predict what was in store.


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I am not good with introduction posts and maybe a personal blog requires none. Nevertheless, an attempt to come up with some pretty words should be in order.

My name is Tatiana and this should be about my 300th blog since I discovered the internet a little over a decade ago. After some broken projects, and with a little help from my friend Sara, this blog appeared. I was craving to own a new blog similar to the blogs of old, lighthearted and rather innocent, devoid of professional leanings and just a bit personal – never too personal – without guilt. Yes, guilt – for in a world of professional bloggers who travel, who experiment, who receive invitations, who build empires, what place is there for a little girl?

Oh well. I bet you’ve read worse. Or at least watched worse on tv. If there are blogs committed to try and document all sorts of Earl Grey, why can’t a girl get her own corner on the interwebz?

The philosophy behind this blog is quite simple: just a girl sharing some of her own photographs, without the pretense of being a photographer or travel guru; just a girl sharing some thoughts on topics that tickle her fancy, without passing as a professional writer or blogger.

A new blog always means embarking on a new journey… I hope we both enjoy this one.